about finezi

We specialize in the Business/IT Services and recruitment/staffing of  professionals across all areas of the business including  HR, Finance, Insurance, Engineering, Telecom, Supply chain, Banking Health care and Information Technology. 

With key contacts across industry and a guarantee of the highest standards, Finezi  Inc. will ensure you achieve the results  you are aiming for.

Our service offerings vary with a combination of domain knowledge, technological competence, and proven delivery process. We strongly believe in working as an extended client organization. Our customers increase their business value by leveraging from our cost benefit advantages and Human Capital.

Our delivery models leverage on state-of-the-art infrastructure and functional capabilities of our development / Delivery centers in the US, and India. We provide a virtual "24*365 support" transcending global time zones which translates into cost effectiveness and  expedites projects by providing round the clock support for critical software applications 365 days a year.